F. Ogushi – Bidirectional interaction enhances the robustness of the system

Fumiko Ogushi (Tohoku University)

Thursday 2017-05-04 14.45 – 15.15

Lecture room AS3, TUAS-building

Bidirectional interaction enhances the robustness of the system

An essential feature of complex systems like ecological, biological and social systems is that they are open. These systems can exist with inclusion of new elements and disappearance of old elements. On the other hand, in real systems, the interactions can be considered to unidirectional and bidirectional. Our question is how the bidirectionality of interactions influences on growth of the real systems. We investigated the effect of bidirectional interactions on the robustness of evolving open system using a simple model [1]. We found that the system with purely bidirectional interactions can grow with two-fold average degree, in comparison with the system with purely unidirectional interactions [2]. This shift of the transition point comes from the reinforcement of each element, not from a change in structure of the emergent system.

[1]T. Shimada, “A universal transition in the robustness of evolving open system”, Scientific Reports 4, 4082 (2014)
[2] F. Ogushi, J. Kertesz, K. Kaski, and T. Shimada, “Enhanced robustness of evolving open systems by the bidirectionality of interactions between elements”, arXiv: 1703.04383v1 (2017)