Journal Club: The multi-layer approach in network neuroscience

June 1, 2017 @ 14.15 – 15.00
Room T3, T-building
Presenter: Onerva Korhonen

Modeling the human brain as a network has opened new insights on the structure and function of the brain. However, the human brain is not a single, unchangeable network. On the contrary, network neuroscientists should be able to handle a number of different brain networks: structural and functional networks, networks at different frequency bands, networks evolving in time, and even networks of different subjects. In this journal club talk, I will discuss the multilayer network approach applied in the context of the brain: why would it be used and what could it offer to neuroscience?

The presentation is based on the following articles:

Multilayer modeling and analysis of human brain networks
Author: De Domenico

Structure-function clustering in multiplex brain networks
Authors: Crofts, Forrester & O’Dea

Frequency-based brain networks: From a multiplex framework to a full multilayer description
Authors: BuldĂș & Porter