S. Heydari – Social Signatures

Sara Heydari (Aalto)

Monday 2016-10-31 11.00 – 12.00

Lecture hall AS3, TUAS building

Social Signatures

Humans have limited time and resources for socializing. People do not distribute these limited resources evenly between all their acquaintance but they dedicate most of their communication effort to a few alters while distributing the rest between numerous alters. Although this disparity exists in communication patterns of all individuals, there are individual differences between patterns. Social signatures [1], which are communication patterns constructed from mobile phone records, can reflect both the general disparity in communication and individual differences in the ways how people prefer to shape their networks. In this talk we will first review past research works on social signatures, and then explore possible relationships between the shape of social signatures and characteristic attributes of individuals, networks attributes(degree, centrality) and homophily. We also talk about differences and similarities of social signatures constructed from communication data through different channels (phone calls and text messages).

[1] Saramäki, Jari, et al. “Persistence of social signatures in human communication.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111.3 (2014): 942-947.