Group Formation Game

Game description – collective OR Group-based goal

Initial condition

    • For a 30 node network, the players are divided into 3 groups of size 10
    • Each group corresponds to a colour: RED, GREEN & BLUE
    • Players are positioned on the network (small-world lattice) such that clusters of same coloured nodes are small in size (graph-coloured condition)


    : To maximize largest cluster sizes for all groups (collective goal) OR maximize the largest cluster size for each group (group-based goal) achieved by exchanging positions

For the games played on August, 2017, subjects managed to reach the collective goal 75% of the times
Goal in the next planned session (15.08.18) is a mixture of collective+group-based goals

Game description – collective goal


    • Game is played in rounds
        In each round:
    • one of the colours act as requester
    • the other two colours act as acceptors
  • If the requester & accepter (requested player) agree, they both exchange positions


    : Reward is based on the condition whether a certain minimum cluster size is achieved for each of the groups

Software platform

  • implemented using otree with Python
  • network structure implemented using networkx Python package